23 August 2008

Business or Busy-ness?

As I move on into my new life, old debts gone and new ones yet to be a burden, my old nemesis still stalks me.
I've never had much of a job to mention, seldom approaching what could be called a "career", and unemployed now in middle-middle age the options are somewhat limited. But really they are the best they've ever been since, for the first time, I have a reasonable amount of money to invest in........ well, that's the problem. I'm not exactly the Business sort and my casual efforts at eBay selling can hardly be said to be profitable, just recovering a good percentage of the money spent on various collectibles over the years. Teresa's Terrific Treasures & Terrible Trash (un-Inc., very Ltd.) has been a source of much amusement and gotten rid of a lot of excess baggage in the doing. But crunch time approacheth, though my funds are enough for basic transition expenses and living for a fair while longer without income. When I'm further along (and the legal name matches up with the appearance) a job will be possible but geography and economy will make that a tough find.
So TTT&TT needs to be fleshed out from an amusing hobby to something more "real".