01 June 2009

Pay More, Get Less. The American Way

Pet Peeve Time!

Been past the chip isle at your local supermarket recently? At first I thought it was just a packaging glitch somewhere but they're all doing it now! If you must give us less for our money (MUCH less!) at least reduce the size of your packaging to match the skimpy amount of corn chips now included with the extra air to puff up the bag.
And, Senor/a Tostito? No way am I paying $3.99 for a bag half full of air! Bad enough these were more than $3

08 May 2009

Three Fs

Finally got my Third F today, the driver's license! After getting the SS# I applied for a passport name & gender change which gave me what I needed to get those pesky driver's license people to cooperate (it didn't hurt to go to the slightly larger office in Escanaba to do it at :))
Now I'm all ID'ed up and good for all purposes but those which demand a birth certificate, and I wouldn't be surprised if the passport could prove to be a way around some of those. Cool! I'm a real happy cat now!

14 February 2009

SS card arrived!

Amazing stuff continues- after only a week and a day my new social security card arrived in the mail yesterday! Where do all these stories of bureaucratic nightmares come from? They were civil and quick, can't beat that (assuming they got the F on their system, will check that out next week when I'm over in Escanaba again)
That gave me what I needed to go to my local banks and change those over, two more instances of good luck and mythbusting. No problemo! Two downstate banks need changing, or just closing (but not the one with the juicy Visa credit limit!:)). Maybe I'll take a detour on my trip to Dallas in two weeks to take care of those. I just prefer face-to-face over phone and fax dealings.
Next week utility billing, cell phone & insurances will get done.
And that leaves plenty for later! :)

11 February 2009

Ongoing stuff

Last week I applied for my changes at Social Security. You wouldn't think UP here they'd see many MtF changes but it was all pretty matter-of-fact, no odd looks or anything, just copied my documentation and clarified the computer entry part of it. Apparently the system doesn't have a checkbox for gender status but the paperwork is pretty clear. The nice clerk was surprised the Michigan driver's license people didn't change my M to an F based on my very clear surgeon's letter, something I expected from the beginnning would involve many hoops to jump through. The new SS card was promised within two weeks, we'll see......
Yesterday in preparation for my upcoming tracheal shave in April I visited a local clinic to see if I could get an ekg there. Much fun likely was had out of view as my prescription with Teresa Thomas, Male prominently displayed made it's way through hopefully necessary hands, followed by a he said in reference to me as the scheduler was told I could get it for $32. All the same they were pleasant enough in their insensitivity and not hostile. Back in mid March for the test.
Sloppy weather with grey and depressing skies and dirty looking roadsides, unlike the crispy whiteness with lots of bright sunshine of the usual northwoods winter. Back to good frozen temps by the weekend, hurrah!

26 January 2009

Legally Me

Ooooh! Today was the day I became legally Me, not just an AKA. Getting to the local county courthouse Amber and I waited for our friend Heather to show up- and then waited some more as the previous proceeding ran over a bit. It was a gorgeous sunny day in the single digits, crisp and clear, a perfect omen.
Amber had her name change back in September with the same judge, who remembered us (not many of "us" coming through here so I'm sure it was memorable :)) and it went a simply as can be- a few questions about my intent and to get the spelling right. And then it was done, that awkward guy name gone and my Teresaness all legalised. Cool!
Now for the ongoing adventure of getting the "F" on everything where the "M" now is seen......