31 December 2008

End of Year

Whew! That pesky 2008 is at an end (finally!) My personal journey was wonderful and I can't complain about how the presidential race turned out but it sure was a Thrill Ride out there.
I was lucky at every turn, finally finding a buyer for the other house just in time to see real estate really go bad, then getting my new old house at a third off the asking price. No complaints there! But the run up was tense as can be, wondering if I was going to get anything at all out of it.
With that out of the way it was full speed ahead transition wise as I went to E3K in Dallas for face clearing twice and, topping it all, being rid of the nasty 'nads early this month.
I heal well- maybe too well as I healed right over one of the knots in the outer suture before I knew what was happening. Thinking at first it was just swelling I waited a few more days to pull it out than I should have. Mr Knot being securely deep under serious skin I worked around him, using a nut pick (appropriate, eh?) to get under the visible loops either side and snipping free the bulk of the suture. So make sure to keep those knots accessible through your whole three weeks of healing! At some point I'll get it cut out but being sterile stuff it shouldn't be any immediate problem.
My background check for the name change came through and I went to the local newspaper office to run the notice, hearing to be on the 26th! Less than four weeks and I'll be legal :)
Happy News-Year!


Lori D said...

Looks like you've come a long way, baby! Congrats on being so bold and here's to a new year full of kick ass-ness!

alan said...

OK, I guess I'm a wuss, but there's no way I'd be trying to dig that out on my own...sorry!

(shudder shudder shudder)

I'm glad '08 ended on a good note for you and hope '09 is even better!


alan said...

Saw your words at Lori's just now, and came to say thank you for calling it like it is!

Thank you thank you thank you!