07 December 2008

Home again!

"I left my balls, in Phil-a-delphia......"
An adventurous return! Only fifteen minutes time allowed to get from gate A6 to C36 at Deetroit in the schedule of NWA so grabbing a wheelchair at the gate Amber pushed me and the luggage at breakneck speed from one extreme end of the terminal to the other. Look out! It's the mad tranny race of 2008! As a kid (and later :)) I would push a shopping cart along with one foot on the cart and the other being used like on a scooter, wheels a-wobbling. So it was with us but with me as the cargo, the wind rushing through my hair as pedestrians quickly (or not so) got out of our way. Some envious senior citizens being sedately wheeled along at a much slower pace smiled as we approached from the opposite direction, perhaps envying our rapid progress. Amber was the little engine that could and got us to the plane on time (barely).
A few notes on my 'nadectomy
1) There has been very very little pain or great discomfort since the operation Wednesday morning. I have used merely four of the ibuprofins provided and even then merely as a precaution against anticipated discomfort from yesterday's return trip. I do not consider a slight "twinge" as pain, and even these have been few. A valium was also provided in case I wasn't able to sleep well. I slept like a rock without it the first and successive nights, even with a large ice pack strategically placed. No swelling due to diligence and a good constitution. Keep it cold for the first two days and you'll be fine.
2) Oozing. Not much. Dr Kimmel gives you enough dressings to deal with far far more and some people experience enough to need the bed pad provided. In my case it was good for drippy ice but otherwise not needed.
3) The Belt. Officially the scrotal support it keeps the dressings immobile and the empty sack up. Not really uncomfortable but needs to be planned for as you will have a large bulge under your clothes. I wore a jean skirt one size too large and just looked frumpy, no obvious discontinuity with a middle aged woman traveler.
4) Stitches. Only the big blue one needs to be removed and can be done yourself when the time comes, will let you know how it goes then (op + 3 weeks). The ends are left long, be careful changing dressings not to tug, will be easy to get a hold of.
5) Mood. Oooooh!!!!!!!! This is just so cool! 'Nadless at last! :) Can you tell I'm happy? :)


Lori D said...

I've looked at this procedure to get me where I need to go. Congrats on the joy of having a little less to worry about! ;)

alan said...

Glad you are home, comfortable and that all is going the way it's supposed to!


Shauna Baggett said...

It would be a rip off for me since I only have one so do I get it for half price :)

I have to wait said my doctor, since she suggested I have all my girly parts taken out too, though I hear these help with the estrogen hmm. I decided to keep them.

I am happy you surgery went well and nothing is hanging around ;)
Take care hun.