14 February 2009

SS card arrived!

Amazing stuff continues- after only a week and a day my new social security card arrived in the mail yesterday! Where do all these stories of bureaucratic nightmares come from? They were civil and quick, can't beat that (assuming they got the F on their system, will check that out next week when I'm over in Escanaba again)
That gave me what I needed to go to my local banks and change those over, two more instances of good luck and mythbusting. No problemo! Two downstate banks need changing, or just closing (but not the one with the juicy Visa credit limit!:)). Maybe I'll take a detour on my trip to Dallas in two weeks to take care of those. I just prefer face-to-face over phone and fax dealings.
Next week utility billing, cell phone & insurances will get done.
And that leaves plenty for later! :)

1 comment:

alan said...

Has to be the fastest the wheels of government have ground lately!

Congratulations and may your luck continue!