11 February 2009

Ongoing stuff

Last week I applied for my changes at Social Security. You wouldn't think UP here they'd see many MtF changes but it was all pretty matter-of-fact, no odd looks or anything, just copied my documentation and clarified the computer entry part of it. Apparently the system doesn't have a checkbox for gender status but the paperwork is pretty clear. The nice clerk was surprised the Michigan driver's license people didn't change my M to an F based on my very clear surgeon's letter, something I expected from the beginnning would involve many hoops to jump through. The new SS card was promised within two weeks, we'll see......
Yesterday in preparation for my upcoming tracheal shave in April I visited a local clinic to see if I could get an ekg there. Much fun likely was had out of view as my prescription with Teresa Thomas, Male prominently displayed made it's way through hopefully necessary hands, followed by a he said in reference to me as the scheduler was told I could get it for $32. All the same they were pleasant enough in their insensitivity and not hostile. Back in mid March for the test.
Sloppy weather with grey and depressing skies and dirty looking roadsides, unlike the crispy whiteness with lots of bright sunshine of the usual northwoods winter. Back to good frozen temps by the weekend, hurrah!

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Lori D said...

Seems like even with the legal hiccups things are moving along quite well!